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Stallingborough CofE Primary School

Sowing the seeds of excellence; Honouring the dignity of all, Feeling Empowered.


Early Years Foundation Stage


At Stallingborough CE Primary we assess Foundation Stage pupils in the following ways


Throughout Foundation Stage the children are assessed against the age bands as set out in Development Matters in the Early Year Foundation Stage (this document can be downloaded by clicking on the link below)


Assessments are based on staff knowledge of each child which is developed through observations of and interactions with the pupils in their daily activities and events.


Usually your child will be working in the age band which matches their actual age in months but some children may still be working within an earlier age band.


We use the terms ‘Beginning’, ‘Developing’ and ‘Secure’ to track their progress within these age bands.


At the end of the school year the children will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals when pupils will be deemed as ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’.