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Our RE Curriculum

RE has an important part to play as part of a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum to which all pupils are entitled. RE subject matter gives particular opportunities to promote an ethos of respect for others, to challenge stereotypes and to build understanding of other cultures and beliefs. This contributes to promoting a positive and inclusive school ethos that champions democratic values and human rights. At Stallingborough CE Primary we follow the agreed local syllabus for RE and this year our topics are as follows

Class 1 - RE is linked to class topic and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Class 2 - Christianity - who made the World?   Light - Advent, Christianity - What is the good news that Jesus brings? Judaism - Covenant, Festivals - Trinity, Kingdom of God, Christianity - Church. 

Class 3 - Christianity - What do Christians learn from the Creation story? Islam - God, Christianity - What kind of World did Jesus want? 

Class 4 - Forgiveness - Judaism, Islam - Prophethood, Christianity - What is the Trinity? 

Class 5 - Christianity - Creation and Science, Islam - Festivals, Pilgrimage.