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The Department for Education has removed Level Descriptors from the new National Curriculum and schools are now required to devise a suitable method of monitoring pupils learning progress and achievement and reporting this to parents and to OFSTED.

At Stallingborough CE Primary summative assessments are recorded termly following rigorous pupil progress meetings which teachers attend with the Senior Leadership Team. 

We use OTrack to record attainment and progress towards ambitious targets for each pupil and cohort. We have a three-stage recording system,  to indicate which pupils are “beginning”, “developing” and secure” in relation to end of year expectations. In addition to these stages pupils may be recorded as reaching “mastery”. 

Our interpretation of “mastery”: -

  • all required Key Performance Indicators for end of Year expectations achieved
  • learners can describe concepts and learning in their own words, with their own examples, explain confidently to others, make connections and  apply their learning in variety of contexts
  • and, possibly, if depth of Mastery is evident, some Key Performance Indicators of the following year starting to be attained but not yet enough to be “beginning